"Sanctuary (Paradise)"
Music & Lyrics ©2007 by Art Mallette (All rights reserved.)
P 2007 by Art Mallette (All rights reserved.)
Hear the song "Sanctuary (Paradise)", track #3 from the
CD "There's A Way", a new collection of original songs
from Glorioso Records artist Art Mallette:
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Sanctuary (Paradise)
P 2007 by Art Mallette
Music & Lyrics ©2007 by Art Mallette (All rights reserved.)
And I see your heart - it's broken
And I see your love - unfolding
I feel your love
I feel your love
I feel your love...
In a sanctuary
On a golden afternoon
You and I exchange sacred vows
To love eternally and to hold on tight
I look into your eyes...

Time and time and time goes by
And almost imperceptibly
You fade into a secret world
And then the day comes when I'm all alone
Praying for your return...
And now my heart is broken
And I keep waiting faithfully
On my knees until
They're just skin and bone

And then one night I look up
And almost imperceptibly
You come in through the sanctuary door
The wind that blows you in has God inside
You look into my eyes...
Produced by Dave Bellochio
All vocals and voices: Art Mallette
Music Performed by Dave Bellochio
Recorded at Marion Studios, Fairview, NJ
music for the heart and soul...
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