"There's A Way"
P 2007 by Art Mallette
Music & Lyrics ©1988/2007 by Art Mallette
(All rights reserved.)

Produced by Dave Bellochio
Music Performed by Dave Bellochio
Lead Vocals:  Art Mallette

Special Guest Musicians:
Julian Hernandez (guitar)
Baron Raymonde (sax)

Background Vocals:  
The Millington Baptist Church Choir
(Directed by Pastor Mark W. Jones)
...and featuring a mighty team of singers:

Linda Barnes             John Capra (Bronco)    
 Karen Clegg   
Susan Czarnecki        John D'Elia                 
 Adriane Fajnor
John Good                Julian Hernandez          Edward Lucyk  
Ian McGlynn             Caitlin Monahan           Lori Rossi   
Cindy Scobee            Ansel Spada                 Doryce Wheeler

Recorded at Marion Studios, Fairview, NJ
Producer and Engineer:  Dave Bellochio

Choir and sax solo recorded at Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ.
(Special Thanks to Dae Bennett)
Producer:  Dave Bellochio
Engineer:  Dave Kowalski
Assistant Engineer:  Mark Fraunfelder
Assistant Engineer:  Tim Stritmater
Intern:  Justin Jimenez
Hear the title track from "There's A Way", the new CD of
original songs from Glorioso Records artist Art Mallette:
There's A Way
P 2007 by Art Mallette
Music & Lyrics ©1988/2007 by Art Mallette (All rights reserved.)

And so you've seen the hard times
And now you're living with the pain
You've been through lonely dark nights
Waitin' for the dawn
When all the morning brought was rain

You've known the hunger and the hurt
The disappointment and the pain
You've seen your dreams roll in reverse
You've felt your heart consumed with rage

Just when you'd had all you could take
Just then the world dished out some more
There's only so much you can fake
When you're lying on the floor

And when the hurt's too deep to hide
And you're crying out in pain
You let go of the fear inside
You let God get you on your feet again

"There's A Way"
P 2007 by Art Mallette
Music & Lyrics ©1988/2007 by Art Mallette
(All rights reserved.)
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